2 Person Training Day

28-06-2024 - From 09:00 to 16:00

North Weald

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Event details

Our ethos is simple – bespoke training for you – whatever your experience level, whatever sports or supercar you drive, our driver training course will increase your car control as you need. We want you to get the most out of your beloved car, be it the everyday road car, the weekend drive or the race car… enjoy it to the maximum and be safer doing it with the knowledge and practice gained from us.

Our training environment allows you the breathing room to push past the limits without worrying about avoiding roadside hazards or circuit barriers. Because of the bespoke nature, it doesn’t matter who else is on a course with you as each individual’s training focus is for their needs at that time – whether it’s your 1st time or your 31st time!

If it’s so great, why do people need to come back you may ask – because with any skill, the way to mastery is practice and there is always something new to learn!

So what might you be doing? We regularly use our high speed bend that lends itself to the development of many techniques, and cover the reasons how and why your car handles the way it does in various situations such as hard braking and tight cornering, learning the science behind understeer and oversteer, improve your steering, practice braking, moving the car around without moving the steering wheel and can usually put everything into practice around a small circuit before the end of the day.

On the day

You will need to bring your driving licence with you on the day.

9.00am Meet on the airfield. Once most people have arrived there will be a briefing by the instructor. Vehicles will then be noise tested.

9.30am - 4.00pm After a quick assessment of your current skill level you will be given tailored training exercises consisting of Steering, Braking and Throttle control followed up by utilsing the high speed bend for a variety of exercises. The day typically ends with a short circuit to practice the skills learnt on the day.

Lunch will be at around 12:00pm.

Noise Limits

All vehicles attending must pass a static noise test of 105dBA before they are allowed to participate.

The static test will be measured at 0.5m from the exhaust at 45 degree angle from the exhaust with the vehicle at 3/4 maximum engine revs.

Should the car be unable to rev at 3/4 maximum revs, the vehicle will be subject to an additional drive by test (92dBA limits measured at 50m) driven by an instructor before being permitted to be used on site.

No vehicle measured or suspected of exceeding the noise limits will be permitted to operate unless rectified and retested to be shown to be within the noise limits.

No refund will be granted to any vehicles failing the noise limit.

There must also be no starting of engines or driving activity before 09:00 or after 16.00.

We request that you respect our neighbours on approach, arrival at, and when departing the venue.

About North Weald

North Weald Airfield is off Junction 7 on the M11.

Follow the signs for North Weald Market and this will take you straight to the airfield.

There will be only 1 gate open on the day, next to the Air Traffic Control Tower. The person on the gate will direct you to where you will need to be.

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